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Diamond Head Construction offer FREE consultation & on-site measure, estimated, and will make a complete PDF attachment 

form to send by e-mail to you.

Please contact us and we will have a dedicated staff to help you.

Addition & Building

Provide residential building construction services, such as building, paving slabs, walls, gates, steps, underground waterways, circuit laying and construction of various brick and tile buildings, the organization will complete the task with the most professional technology!

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Kitchen remodel & Upgrades

Our characteristics are reasonable design, vivid colors, easy to use, diversified styles, ensuring sufficient operating space and rich storage space. <Click here for details>

The kitchen is not only a family dining center also a place for family members to enjoy family love and share happiness. 

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Bathroom remodel & Upgrades

The bathroom is one of the most secret places in the home. Careful treatment of the bathroom is to meticulously defend the health and comfort of yourself and your family.

<Click here for details>

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Beautify your environment and change your life.

Diamond Head Construction LLC professionally undertakes interior painting, exterior painting, home, office, factory, corridor, hotel etc.

<Click here for details>

Flooring and tile

Spread on the ground and put it on your heart.

We have professional technical staff to help you install and design styles, whether it is wood flooring, vinyl flooring, floor tiles or wall tiles etc. 


We provide repair and renewal services for water pipes and drains. If necessary, we can also help install various electrical appliances and other accessories that require water pipes or drains.(such as faucet, Water pressure regulators, Valves ect.)


We have professional personnel to carry out measurement, circuit layout, testing, installation of electrical appliances, lighting, socket switches, etc., and finally carry out two circuit tests to achieve absolute safety, allowing customers to enjoy quality life without any worries.

High pressure cleaning

Are you still bothering the dirt accumulated on the road all year round? Or is it because the wet ground is covered with moss and slips? 

We are currently providing high pressure cleaning services to make your road surface look new.

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