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Profile & Mission

Diamond head Construction LLC is a professional, comprehensive and high quality company. Have a team of experienced and high-quality staff. The main projects: old house renovation, house decoration, house renovation, kitchen and bathroom renovation,  paint renovation, wall cracking treatment, indoor personality coloring, bedroom wallpaper, wall surface repair, wall surface refresh. Daily maintenance and repair of hotels, offices, shops, facades, office buildings, cafes, schools, ect. Since its inception, we have been considering every detail from the perspective of our friends, so as to meet the needs of our customers, and not to increase the burden on the cost, so that customers truly feel more professional and better service. The company's purpose: to be honest, to do things in good faith, adhere to the principle of people-oriented, put service and quality in the first place, so that every customer can feel our professional and thoughtful service. The company is committed to providing you with quality and convenient services based on the service tenet of “Credit First, Technology Excellence, Service enthusiasm, Customer Satisfaction”. The company has always been based on customer needs as an indicator, development by reputation, survival by quality, all customer satisfaction as the standard, let your home a new look is our goal!

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